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Star Wars Chubbies

Darth Vader ChubbyStar Wars Chubbies are set to be the next in thing for Star Wars collectors everywhere. They are cartoony looking plastic dolls a bit like the Russian dolls that open up to reveal a smaller version each time. There are currently six in the collection: Obi-Wan Kenobe, Darth Vader, Wookiees, Sith, General Grievous and C-3PO. Each doll opens up to reveal the evolution of the character in the form of two smaller figures – quite a cool idea really!

Apparently, many people take their chubbies to work and sit them on their desks, I’ve also heard that they can be quite distracting enticing you to open them and close them all the time. Anyway if you need some friends in your office then these chubbies could be for you!

Available at Firebox for £7.95 (Darth Vader £9.95).

11 Responses to “Star Wars Chubbies”

  1. sage Says:

    wow. ive never thought of such a great idea.

  2. Spin-O-Rope Says:

    As a big Star Wars fan, my guess is that these will be a hit! What will they think of next? Great post.

  3. Cory Dorrough Says:

    Things like this make me regret being a collector. On one hand, it’s silly and dumb looking… on the other hand, it’s cute, they’re star wars and I have to collect them!

  4. Ami Says:

    They are so cute! Aww

    Could you consider writing about webkinz toys

    Just could not find anything about the amazing cuddly toys here

    Perhaps i need to look harder

  5. The Spotted Leopard Webkinz Says:

    Star War Chubbies are fantastic. lol. My son would love these. I can not believe that Star Wars is still huge. The Star Wars franchise will be around for a long time. Love it!!!

  6. Amelia Says:

    If you’re into geeky things make sure to check out . Its an awesome magnet puzzle toy I can’t put down.

  7. Rich Says:

    These things are cool. I’ve seen them in forbidden planet and got one for my nephew for his birthday. He’s also a bit of a rock wannabe so I got him a Guitar RockStar gadget online from This thing is addictive.

  8. Richard Says:

    Bought one of these for a friend. She’s a massive Star Wars fan and really loved these toys.

  9. TopToys Says:

    These little guys should do very well this year. It’s a great concept.

  10. jack b Says:

    great site :) the star wars collectables are really cute hehe!

  11. Action Figure Toys Says:

    I love Star wars and plush toys – so mixing the two can’t miss right? Well, I really like the Darth Vader Chubbie, but I’m not sold on the others…