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Kondo KHR-2HV Robot Gets a New Suit

Kondo Robot in New A-621 GENEX SuitThe KHR-2HV, the second generation humanoid robot kit from Kondo has just been upgraded to the A-621 GENEX suit to give it a bit more style. Many commented that the KHR-2HV wasn’t exactly the best looking robot the world has seen and to be honest looked more like it had been made out of leftover metal pieces from a scrap yard!

Kondo’s also supplying a range of soccer uniforms that will be sold separately and are expected to cost about $10. The suit will cost around $152 (approx. £75) and will be launched in Japan in the next few weeks.

Via Engadget
Photograph Source: Robot Watch

3 Responses to “Kondo KHR-2HV Robot Gets a New Suit”

  1. Chris Dann Says:

    A much better suit, it looks quite impressive now!

  2. Top Toys Says:

    Great styling of this new suite. Will be a popular item.

  3. Toy Robots Says:

    Absolutely right about the first generation Kondo being a little too amateurish. The new version makes for a much more sleek and stylish robot.