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Want a Jelly Bath? Meet Gelli Baff

Gelli BaffGelli Baff is quite possibly the greatest innovation in kids bath time technology since Bubble Bath was invented. The idea is simple. Turn a bath of water into a bath of glorious, thick, goo.

You simply run a shallow bath (5-6cm deep), turn off the tap, add a sachet of the gelli baff powder and then all water will magically turn into jelly. When you have finished, there is another sachet of powder to add, which turns all the jelly back to water, so that it can be drained away.

Gelli Baff comes in a range of 4 colours, and costs £4.99 per 300ml box.

7 Responses to “Want a Jelly Bath? Meet Gelli Baff”

  1. Marco Minasso Says:

    What do you do when powder does not dissolve jelly? It’s all over my lawn!

  2. Julie Says:

    It’s Christmas day and gelli baff has blocked the bath plughole.Spent half an hour bailing out and cleaning up.AVOID!

  3. jack b Says:

    mite have to buy these for my kids, sounds quite fun hehe

  4. Loren Says:

    Jelli baf is well good!! I loved it, feels really good and u can have a good laugh with it. The powder dissolved mine just fine

  5. Louise Says:

    Honestly do not put in bath tried it in a bucket just in case the powder does not dissolve jelly properly had all lumps in would have deffenatly block the bath up!! AVOID i thought this product would be great but i will let yoo know its not!!!! Try it in bucket its great fun but DO NOT put in bath!!

  6. Mel - North Devon Says:

    Me and my partner are young parents and love doing crazy things for our 4 year old like this! He loved the gelli Baff especially when I was caught in cross
    fire as he was lobbing it accross the bath room at his dad! I was covered, but it got worse when I was thrown clothes and all in the bath with it! What a blimmin mess it made!! I could not get the damn stuff to disolve, even putting it in the washing machine still attatched to towels and clothes did not shifT it!
    Now has anyone put a nappy in the wash??? same thing!!!
    The Gelli Baff is the same stuff they use in nappys!!
    I spent 4 hours clearing up my poor bathroom!!!!
    You need salt and a lot of it, its the only way to get shot of it!!
    I have sworn I would never buy it again!! But……….. They have colour changing one now!!!!
    A must buy for children at christmas if they have parents you hate!!!! Cant wait for my best mate to open her sons xmas present!!! Haha xxx

  7. replace a toilet Says:

    Wow, sounds amazing. I hope it really is as good as you say.

    Must buy